Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Amazon Reviews: Nsync "Greatest Hits"

The Boys in The Band
3 Out Of 5 Stars

As the other half of the 90's Boy Band mania, NSYNC battle with the Backstreet Boys for most unavoidable presence on the radio. For three albums plus a holiday release, NSYNC at one point sold the most albums ever in a first week of release ("No Strings Attached") and ultimately gave us the lone solo star from the 90's boy band movement in Justin Timberlake. This collection culls 12 songs from their 3 studio albums, one of them remixed ("Girlfriend"). And like most family-safe pop, the formula is standard. Whitebread Hip-Hop along with heavily harmonized ballads. They'd also add a little Latin Flair ("Girlfriend" and "Thinking of You").

Like so many constructed bands, they also counted on a slew of super-producers Max Martin, The Neptunes, and more, although Timberlake soon bagan exerting his desire for writing and producing (on "Celebrity"). JC Chesez was also writing, but it was getting obvious who the breakout was soon going to be (the cover of "Celebrity" had the rest of the band walking behind Timberlake). Granted, this is fluffy stuff, but at its best, like the driving "Bye Bye Bye" or the jittery "Pop," Nsync is peanut butter of the ears. Probably most effective is when they took one more shot at maturity when they teamed up with Gloria Estefan for the title song in the film, "Music of My Heart."

Timberlake bolted after the third studio album, other former Mousekateer singer JC Chasez attempted a solo career but has not done much, Lance Bass came out of the closet, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick are trying their hands at acting. Other than Timberlake, you probably have not heard much about the rest of the team.


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