Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jack Rinella Runs for Office

Just Another Politician?

My good friend Jack Rinella is running for public office. While most of us know Jack by his writing of lifestlye books and his Chicago newspaper Columns, the name on his BirthCeritificate is Joe Laiacona. And he has decided to throw his Muir Cap into Chicago Politics.

This is, to me, nothing short of heroic. Jack is facing an uphill battle here. He has been a public figure in the kink community for a couple of decades, and you can be certain that this point will be hammered upon by his opponents over and over again. It will not be easy, and it will likely provoke some highly unpleasant commentary. Mud will be flung.

Jack has the cajones to put himself on the line. He deserves our support and backing.

The following is his press release:

Summer is coming to Illinois and it's time for some serious spring cleaning. Grab your brooms and join us as we sweep our government clean of cronyism, nepotism, graft and bribery. The business-as-usual practices of under the table money, back room deals and pay-to-play politics have robbed Illinois voters of their legitimate voice. Joe Laiacona is not just another politician, and he's running for Illinois House of Representatives, 40th District.

Joe Laiacona is an 18 year resident of Chicago's north side and a homeowner currently living in the Albany Park neighborhood. He has worked as an instructor at Columbia College while pursuing interests in writing, union organizing, computing and genealogy. He is the father of two daughters and grandfather to two grandsons. He is a former Catholic seminarian, an ordained minister, an avid gardener and amateur genealogist.

Joe's Platform:
. I favor transparency in all governmental activities, disclosure of all politically-related financial transactions, and limits on contributions to and among those involved in politics.

. We cannot legislate good ethics but we can institute curbs on the actions that make political corruption financially and socially rewarding.

. I support state-wide equality in educational funding so that every child has the benefit of excellence in education.

. Our health care systems and the insurance systems that largely pay for them must be made available to all citizens.

. I believe in progressive taxation so that those with the ability to pay do so fairly while a lesser burden falls on those who can least afford it. We need to reduce bureaucracy where we can and reward efficiency whenever we find it.

. Sound pension funds for state employees are a fundamental right and a wise investment. They attract the best and the brightest to our classrooms and our state services.

. Small businesses are the life-blood of our economy. State government can positively influence the success of our economic life but where meddling only deters economic growth, it ought to remain silent.

. We have a moral and ethical obligation to protect the environment and repair the earth of the effects of pollution and greed. I support a healthy state park system, controls on poisonous emissions, and incentives to develop sustainable sources of clean energy.

. I support immigration reform that creates respect for the law, recognizes the invaluable
contribution that immigrants bring to our state, and the rights of all legal immigrants to a fair method of attaining citizenship.

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