Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Amazon Reviews: Alan Parsons Project "Eye to Eye: Live in Madrid"

Time, rolling like a river,
3 Out Of 5 Stars

While his prior studio album was released six years before, Alan Parsons put together a new touring version of the Alan Parsons Project and took it on a global tour. "Eye 2 Eye," recorded in Madrid, is from that period. The members aren't many of the more infamous APP crew (no Colin Blunstone, Chris Rainbow, Lenny Zakatek etc), but the new gang fills in admirably. The set list leans heavily on hits, with only "More and More Lost Without You" (from "Valid Path") veering from the better known songs.

Like all of Parsons' albums, even his live recording are immaculately done. The sounds is just slightly less pristine than the studio versions, there's no pandering to the crowd (no 'clap your hands!!' or 'sing along with this part!' type of audience baiting). While "Eye 2 Eye" won't wipe the memory of the classic albums from your brain, it's not a disappointing CD by any means. However, the only reason you'll need to won it is if you're an APP completest.

PS - Nice to see the acknowledgement of Eric Woolfson in the liner notes.


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