Monday, July 27, 2009

Like Oh Mi'God! Really!

Looks 10, Dance 3

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Iron Maiden V The Monkees

Friday, July 24, 2009

Purple Passion needs Your Help

Reposting from Lolitasir and Nice-n-evil.

Hilton and his crew are great folks and have supported me often though the years.

This is a repost from [info]lolitasir 's live journal.  Please repost it to yours if you'd like.

It's about the possibility that Purple Passion might have to close! 
The owner, Hilton, is a BIG supporter of Leather/kink communities (in addition to other charities, such as holiday toy drives for needy children) and he has been for a long, long time - he is a big part of NYC's Leather History.  He has a great store with excellent staff, and he himself is a person of genuine and good character. 

If you have been thinking of buying any sort of sex toy, fetish garment or footwear, S/m implement, porn, BDSM-related book, etc., please do so NOW, and buy it from Hilton.  It would be a terrible loss for the Leather community - and for Hilton and his staff and their families - if there was no more Purple Passion.

Now here's the part I've copied from [info]lolitasir 

Unfortunately, things are not great business-wise, so we are asking for your help. We’ve been very supportive of the community for many years and need to ask for your support now. We’re all aware of the economic situation, and it’s particularly hitting small businesses like ours very hard. We would like to continue to be part of the community, but frankly, things are very dire.

Please support us by shopping in our store and checking out our wonderful continually updated WEB Site.

We have finally resolved all our Google issues. Google has given our site a 100% secured rating meaning our site is 100% secure, safe and infection free.

Our prices are competitive and we have a great selection. Come see us or call us (212-807-0486) and we’ll have what you want or find it and have it at the right price. We REALLY need your business.

Check out our web site for an online discount shopping coupon at

Special Sale !!
30% off all Men’s & Women’s leather clothing,
30% off leather corsets and Vanson Jackets.
20% off everything else.
In-store in stock only.

We appreciate your support and business
- Hilton
Purple Passion
211 West 20th Street
New York, NY 10011
(212) 807-0486



PS - look in the books and you'll find a few of mine.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Keeping America Stupid; Del Divison

Poor, hapless Mike Castle (R: DE) got ambushed by the Birthers at a Town Meeting:


Thankfully, there are still a few journalists left who won't let this moronarama continue without a fight.
Have at 'em, Chris Matthews!


Sometimes I really wonder about the future of mankind.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tryin' To Keep Our Cool

Uh oh....Sunday night there was a sound in the basement that sounded like a crashing jet. It was the Blower Unit of the heater literally tearing apart. So no AC for the last couple of day. The repairman told us that the 35 year olf unit has bit the dust and will necessitate a very pricey replacement. We're using open windows and fans now. Fortunately the weather has been relatively mild for Summer, making it tolerable for the time being.

No vacations for us for a little while. Ugh.

Tim Brough's Black Leather Bookshelf: Kitty in a Head Shop

Tim Brough's Black Leather Bookshelf: Kitty in a Head Shop

While Visiting Amsterdam in May, we came across this little feline just basking in the attention.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Walter's Gone To The Moon

I was watching with amazement this week how we've ht the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 and man's only steps on another celestial body. I have vivid memories of crowding around the big TV at my Nana's, watching with silent glee as Neil Armstrong dropped to the lunar surface. My godfather, Uncle Ray, worked for NASA almost all his life and I wanted nothing greater than to be an astronaut and go see Uncle Ray and Aunt Doris to see a real rocket launch.

Other kids memorized ball team rosters and stats, but not me. I knew every astronaut, every mission and any trivial detail about the space program my enthusiastic pre-teen mind could store away. I did not have rock stars or football players on my bedroom walls, I had a map of the solar system and a door sized poster of a Saturn V. Once they appeared everywhere for sale, the Apollo 11 Nasa Portrait of Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins was up on my wall. Granted, 40 years later my adult mind has forgotten the bulk of these space facts, but that little nine year old that clutched the edge of Nana's hook rug and held his breath until we heard the cheers from Mission Control ring out peeped out a couple times this week.

I also had wondered if Walter Cronkite had given thought to these happenings. Uncle Ray had told me Cronkite had often visited Cape Kennedy and was an enthusiastic booster of the Space Program, so news of his passing came with a twinge. Cronkite came from the days of news that mattered instead of news that entertained, when a hard news journalist could impact the country's train of thought. There wasn't this mad race to the bottom, to see who could scoop everyone with a story about a pop singer's public antics or blow-hards massaging their egos by misrepresenting facts to suit their (or their network's) agenda.

It was famously said that President Johnson, when he heard that Walter Cronkite had claimed that the Viet Nam War was an unwinnable stalemate, commented "If I lost Cronkite, I've lost the midwest." We've lost that impact and that voice. The 24 hour round the clock news cycle, with multiple channels feeding us ratings bait but little substance, getting to news that matters has become near impossible. Like the stunning impact of seeing our first man on the moon, a voice with the integrity of Walter Cronkite's will not likely arrive to influence us again.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Twilley Don't Mind

As many of my friends know, I have been a pop music buff almost all of my life. I am a big fan of 80's new wave and of the oft neglected guily pleasure known as "Power-Pop," a genre that contained a lot of new-wave bands, but also has its Richenbacher roots as far back as The Beatles, among other 60's Brit bands.

One of my long faves in the genre has been Dwight Twilly. His mid 70's hit "I'm On Fire" was one of my teenaged 45's, and I had many of his albums. Most have been only limited releases or imports on CD, in fact his best known album, "Jungle," has yet to show up digitally at all. At one time, both he and Tom Petty were signed to the Shelter label, and both were picked to become superstars. Petty escaped a sloppy Shelter demise to sign with MCA, but Twilley's label woes are almost the stuff of legend.

So when a new Twilley CD shows up, I get psyched. To get wind of a new release is pretty exciting stuff. Twilley's new "Out Of The Box" is a sugary treat; a whole album of covers from a man who used to write songs like these with his eyes closed. There's everything here from Bee Gees to AC/DC, Beatles (5 times) and Bob Seger, all filtered through Twilley's jangly, harmonic power-pop style. It's kind of cool to hear "Old Time Rock and Roll" done up as a power-pop tune, and his version of Elvis' "Burning Love" belies the time Twilley journied to Tennesee is his quest to be a Memphis Sun singer.

The real gems, however, are the 60's oldies. Twilley's love of The Beatles' songs has always been evident, but when he lets his inner Lennon/McCartney loose on "In My Life" and "Tomorrow Never Knows," it is enough to justify the Peter Max-ian cover art. The more obscure picks are a delight, like "Big Iron" (Marty Robbins) and "(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care" (Buddy Holly). If there was any justice in the world, Twilley would ride one of these to a third comeback. For now, his clutch of fans can sit back and enjoy the party.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Will PA be the next gay marriage state?

From Keystone

Great news for supporters of Marriage Equality-Senator Jim Ferlo has joined onto Senator Daylin Leach's bill, SB 935, the first bill in PA to legalize marriage for all.
That brings us to three courageous senators who will be standing up to legalize same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania.

Senator Leach is holding a news conference to announce the introduction of his bill this Wednesday.

Please join us in Harrisburg on Wednesday, July 8. We'll be in the Capitol Rotunda starting at 10:00 AM. You can let us know you'll be there by going to

If you can't join us on Wednesday, but still want to make marriage equality a reality in Pennsylvania, here are some simple steps you can take:
Sign the petition asking your senator to co-sponsor Senator Leach's bill. You can do it online at

Are you on Facebook? Then keep up to date by becoming a fan of Keystone Equality, Marriage Equality for Pennsylvania

Are you on Twitter? Follow us at

Make a contribution to our work. You can contribute online at:


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Saranfreudeah Palin

Offering yet more proof that the Republican Party is populated by nutjobs and miscreants, Sarah Palin announced that she not only will step down from her position as Alaska's Governor, but she did so in a babbling, incoherent 17 minute press conference that made her Katie Couric interview seem like a doctoral dissertation. She follows in the 2010 Republican Nominee Wannabess wake of Bobby "Mr Rogers" Jindahl, Sen John "the worst thing I have ever done in my life" Ensign and Governor Mark "Soul Mate" Sanford in their very public meltdowns.

The schadenfreude many of us are feeling at the GOP's expense is almost Biblical. They put so much effort at being the party of nasty, corrupt uncaring fools that when one drops, my cheerfulness rises. Palin, who on a good day was dumber than a bag of grass clippings, is the apex of what the party has to offer. One-Note-Pianos played in the key of Duh, cramming theocracy down other's throats all the while taking advantage of what ever and whomever they can (ala the $150,000 Bloomingdale shopping spree or Ensign's claim that "it would be much better for the country and for him personally (to resign)" during Bill Clinton's escapades).

On the other hand, Palin had no scandal on the front burner, which leads me to wonder just what she was running from? The wickedly funny Vanity Fair piece on her on her might have ruffled feathers enough to make her have a public hissy (ala Letterman), but make her quit? Is there a corruption scandal in the background we don't know about? Was Bristol's baby really Sarah's? Who knows? Who cares?

Well, even if we don't care, we're still going to hear about. Despite the fact that Palin and her brood are the glaring example of why The Best and The Brightest can't make it to public office, "The Wasilla Hillbillies" still is the best Reality TV cable news has to offer.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sophie Cat Takes Over

On return from Pride on Sunday, I took a couple items from my duffle bag and left it on the couch. Within 24 hours, House Diva Sophie Cat decided it was her new cat bed.

It's mine now...

She is SUCH a Diva

Poor kitty is going to be really bummed when I reclaim it for the weekend!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Senator John Eichelberger - Homophobe!

Senator John Eichelberger has called LGBT couples "dysfunctional" and said the state is "allowing them to exist." Dozens of activists confronted him today outside the Senate chambers asking for an apology. He refused.

Wanna bet he has an affair or two in the backroom someplace?

NYC Pride Parade, 6/28/09: Once more with pictures!

Just thought I'd get a few more pics in from the parade day Sunday.
Lot's of fun people and happy faces.

Getting a big thumbs up.

Hello, Sailor.

Randy Jones of the Village People was there.

Always fun to play fireman.

Firetruck Papa!



Flinging Flags.

Looking fierce!

At the head of Divison 5 (Our group) were these three fine men.

Thanks to everyone for a GREAT Pride!