Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Amazon Reviews: Amos Lee "Supply and Demand"

Supply And DemandDemand This  
4 Out Of 5 Stars

The second album from Amos Lee shows a singer-songwriter with some road-time under his belt. His singing is more confident, the arrangements more sophisticated, and the ideas playful. The only thing missing was a bump in the songwriting department, but that would come by the time "Mission Bell" arrived in 2011. "Supply and Demand" give fans of Amos Lee's debut pretty much what you'd expect if you loved the first album; Lee shoots the gap between Blue Eyed Soul and James Taylor's folk confessionals.

Lee may be a strong performer, but he does so without bombast. He offers pop in "Shout Out Loud," hints of gospel in "Skipping Stone" and Jack Johnson charm on the ukelele faced "Sweet Pea." There's never a moment where you feel like you meed to adjust the volume, as Lee keeps it smooth and easy. That alows for the subtleties of his performances to get under your skin (like the political "freedom is seldom found by beating somebody onto the ground" lyric). These touches all make "Supply and Demand" on a par with Amos Lee's debut, and a very satisfying album.

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