Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Amazon Reviews: Aerosmith "Devil's Got a New Disguise"

Devil's Got A New Disguise, The Very Best Of AerosmithDevil's Got a New Best Of  
3 Out Of 5 Stars

A brief introduction to Aerosmith in a budget price cardbaord package, "Devil's Got a New Disguise" fills in a slot for Aerosmith's casual fans. When I mean casual, I also mean fans that came into beantown's bad boys via their MTV years in the Mid-80's to the early 90's. It leans heavily on the singles from "Permanent Vacation," "Pump" and "Get a Grip." It pulls the obvious singles from the classic rock era of the 70's, including "Dream On." As for the lost years (albums from "Draw The Line" to "Done With Mirrors"), there's noting. The lure for anyone else is two bonus tracks that were out-takes from "Pump" and "Get a Grip."

Complaints: "Walk This Way" is the crappy Run DMC version. I'd really love for somebody to do a remaster of the "Sgt Pepper" single version of "Come Together." No tracks from "9 Lives," the band's best since "Pump." And while the 'green' packaging is admirable, that means no liner notes/information whatsoever. Essentially, this is "O Yeah" trimmed done to one disc, but without any flatulence. If you're a fan, it's likely that you have these songs already. However, the songs here are all great, meaty rock, and undeserving of anything less than a four star serving.

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