Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Long Time Gone

I've been a negligent blogger of late. Not only have I been skipping days of posting, I've been neglecting my Amazon reviews profile. Lots of things going on to take up my time, not the least of which has been the multiple series of snow storms that have hit Philadelphia and the fact that our snow blower blew out after the second to last one. We live on a corner property, which means twice the sidewalk and half the fun, plus a fairly long two car driveway.

There was Mid Atlantic Leather, which went well for me. I sold many a book over the three day vendor market, and was stationed next to these guys, who couldn't resist posing with an author of some renown.

Then there's my Doctor. My Doctor kind of gave me hell/forced me into a New Year's resolution after my checkup revealed both a significant weight gain and noticeable blood sugar increase. So I have dusted off the stationary bike and have started using it every other day. I started with 10 minutes at a time (good grief was I out of shape). I'm now up to a half hour and crossed the 9 miles mark today with help from a special playlist on my iPod specifically of upbeat songs...mostly of 80's new wave and alternative music. So far so good.

Tonight's playlist was this:

"Firework" Katy Perry
"I Do The Rock" Tim Curry
"You Can't Hurry Love" DL Byron
"Back In Black" AC/DC
"Killer Queen" Queen
"Burn Three Times" Utopia
"We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off" Jermaine Stewart
"Venus" Television
"Real Cool World" David Bowie

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