Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Amazon Reviews: Kris Kristofferson "Closer to The Bone"

Too Close for Comfort
2 Out Of 5 Stars

Let's not mince words here. Kris Kristofferson's voice is shot. 'Closer To The Bone" still exhibits his ace songwriting chops and Don Was produced it as stripped down as possible, but you can't escape the fact that Kris' voice has lost its range, enunciation and - sadly - the gruff, whiskey soaked potency of his golden years. I'd love to hear someone pluck the better songs (the title track, "Let The Walls Come Down," "Love Don't Live Here Anymore") and cover them with the melody intact from how they were intended. The songwriting is what keeps "Closer to The Bone" from dipping below two stars.

However, not every elder statesman gets to do what Johnny Cash managed to do (or even Glen Campbell). This album just makes me more sad than anything else, because the man who wrote "Me and Bobby McGee" and sang "Sunday Morning Coming Down" should be left with his legend intact. "Closer to The Bone" diminishes a major, historic talent. Were this anyone but Kris Kristofferson, I have a feeling the ecstatic 5 star reviews on Amazon wouldn't be so glowing.


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savetrees333 said...

Kris Kristofferson's voice is full of beauty and emotion. His voice never fails to move my emotions. He makes me feel his songs, live and breathe his songs, like no one else can do. His older voice is even more emotional and expressive than ever, and to me he sings beautifully and soulfully.
I would rather hear Kris sing than any of those so called ''perfect'' voices out there. To me, they all sound alike - emotionless and cold. I'll take Kris's voice any day, over those soul-less robots they call singers these days.